Bahnhofstr. 41, 65185 Wiesbaden

About Us

One-stop care

We have been caring and supporting people in their homes since 1998 in Wiesbaden and the surrounding area. Our Home care has contracts with all health
and long-term care insurance funds and is a Member of the German Nursing Association (DPV)

We care for people at home, in their familiar surroundings, because we know that we can meet their needs. We support individual independence and make a contribution to satisfaction.

In addition to technical training, our team has international experience and the commitment that is necessary to work in this area in a culturally sensitive manner. For us, origin and culture are not barriers. We maintain in and around Wiesbaden and are very familiar with German and many other cultures. We offer personalized care and contribute to holistic embedding in the cultural environment. We promote the coexistence of our clients through fascinating encounters in our “supervised living room” ™.

The personal relationship – trust between the carer and the well-groomed – is an essential pillar of our care, which also includes familiarity and respect. Most of the time we also manage to do justice to the linguistic habits of the people we care for and speak to you in their mother tongue.

We see people in their situation and cooperate with the family, doctors, social workers and other relevant people.

Of course, our care service fulfills all recognized care standards and quality guidelines.

Our Services

What We Do

A growing body of research shows that those who live in a caring, connected environment enjoy greater health and well-being than those who are isolated


Individual care advice, support with the care level classification, as well as consultation language according to 137Abs. 3.Sgb XI.


Best possible orientation in everyday life through conversation, walks, cooking together, shopping and memory training.

Care & Treatment

Basic care, individual care and treatment care  according to medical prescription. For older people and people in needs.